\A-CSM Agile Journey /

We want your “Agile Journey” to be a more enjoyable journey ahead.

We have seen our students master the basic overview of Scrum Master in the CSMR class and start their new journey as a Scrum Master (SM).

At the same time, we have also been asked to address many of their concerns as SMs;

To improve the skills of a Scrum Master with more practical, on-the-job experience, we recommend the following、we thought that Joe Justice, who has a lot of experience in the field worldwide, should lead the course.

Our A-CSMR? is taught directly by Joe Justice.
You can ask Joe any questions you may have.
We hope that you will be able to gain Joe Justice’s live experience and use it in your future career as a Scrum Master.

Differences between the CSMR and A-CSMR?.

The CSMR (Certified Scrum Master) provides an overview of the knowledge required to be a Scrum Master, including the roles and responsibilities of a Scrum Master and Scrum events.

However, when you are actually in a position to lead the field as a Scrum Master, you will encounter various difficulties that cannot be handled by knowledge alone.

And so on.

Experience as a Scrum Master is not something you get overnight.

In the Advanced Scrum Master (A-CSMR?) class, the practical class content is designed to anticipate various difficulties that may confront the Scrum Master and learn how to deal with and overcome them when faced with difficulties.

To use a simple game analogy,

The CSMR is a game manual (overview), and
the A-CSMR? is the strategy book of the game.

You may be able to complete the game with just the instructions, but it is much more reassuring to have a strategy book.

The A-CSMR? will greatly enhance your practical skills as a Scrum Master.

And most importantly, it will give you confidence as a Scrum Master! That is the greatest value of the A-CSMR?.

Now, let me explain in detail what you can learn in the A-CSMR? class.

What exactly can you learn
in an A-CSMR? class?

In our A-CSMR? class, you can systematically learn practical skills to improve your ability to deal with difficult problems that may be faced by ScrumMasters in the real world.

What are the skills required for a Scrum Master?

What skills should a Scrum Master acquire to help the team, the organization, and himself/herself grow?
What is the role of a Scrum Master?

History of Agile development

You can deepen your understanding of Agile so that you can explain Agile to your bosses and customers in a convincing way.

Become a good facilitator

I have introduced Scrum, but it is difficult to make decisions at each Scrum event and it takes a lot of time.
Members lose sight of the purpose and significance of the event and say, “We don’t need to do it!”
How can we facilitate the events better?

Nurture psychological safety

What does psychological safety mean?
Can Agile work without psychological safety? As a Scrum Master, how can I lead and nurture the members so that they feel safe to express their thoughts and feelings to anyone?

What are coaching skills?

What kind of support should I provide as a Scrum Master to motivate young members, who have difficulty acting autonomously, with a sense of responsibility?

Efficient teaching and mobbing

How can we efficiently develop the skills of members with limited resources?

Promote self-organization

How can we propose and negotiate with upper management the benefits of creating a self-organizing team with independence, rather than waiting for instructions from the manager? There are many ways I would like to introduce it, but in the end it is difficult because I don’t have that authority.

Understand scaling and dependencies

Agile with a small team is fine, but when the team gets bigger, it gets harder! How can we communicate better between teams? How do we reform an organization when “there is a problem with the structure of the organization?”

Who is recommended to take the A-CSMR?

The A-CSMR? is not only for new ScrumMasters.

This class will be of great help to veteran ScrumMasters as well, as you will learn how to deal with problems that you may encounter when you are actually working as a ScrumMaster.

For example, many Scrum Masters have problems such as “how to deploy Scrum in the company” or “how to persuade the boss”.

The ability to learn how to deal with such practical problems is also a major feature of the A-CSMR?.

\ A-CSM Agile Journey /

Do you know the term “Agile Journey”?

Agile does not have an answer, but requires teams to “become” agile through constant trial and error, so it is often described as an “Agile Journey”.

The Scrum Master certification is not the end of the journey, but just the beginning of the journey.
The “Agile Journey” is not only fun.

As a Scrum Master, you will face many challenges and trials.

We at the A-CSMR? are here to help you. We want you to acquire skills that will be your arms to face and overcome difficulties.

And we hope that your “Agile Journey” will be a more enjoyable journey ahead.

Meet the Instructor

Coach:Joe Justice

In a class like A-CSMR?, where real-world experience is the key, we believe that it is important not only what you learn, but also who you learn it from.

The instructor of our A-CSMR? class is Joe Justice, an Agile trainer with a proven track record as an Agile trainer at Tesla, SpaceX, and other companies around the world.

Joe has also participated in training for Toyota, Rakuten Group, Toshiba Group, NTT Group, Mercari, and other companies in Japan.

Unlike the overview-centered classes, the lectures in A-CSMR? classes require knowledge and experience gained from many field experiences.

As an Agile trainer, he has worked with many companies including Tesla, SpaceX, and Toyota Motor Corporation.
This will be a rare opportunity to receive direct instruction from Joe Justice’s wealth of experience.

Because experience is what matters in the A-CSM ? class, we want you to leave with overwhelming, real-world skills that no other company can imitate.

The A-CSM ? class is an exciting adventure! You will learn through stories, so you will remember them.

We will proceed with the story of SMs who are troubled by the difficulties of Agile, and who are transformed into excellent SMs by acquiring one item (skill) at a time.

The content of the course is a practical learning experience that allows the participants to assume real-life problems that can occur in an Agile environment and acquire the skills to overcome these difficulties.

In our classes, we have time for discussion in several groups. This is a valuable opportunity for Scrum Masters to exchange opinions with other Scrum Masters who have the same problems.

Through simulation, conversation (exchange of opinions), and sharing of each other’s experiences, this will be a great time for you to make a big step up as a Scrum Master.

Qualifications for the A-CSMR? class

The A-CSMR? class is open to everyone.
However, to earn A-CSMR? certification, you must meet the following requirements

\ A-CSM Agile Journey /

A-CSMR? Class Learning Content

  • What abilities are required for a Scrum Master?
  • History of Agile development
  • Becoming a good facilitator
  • Developing Psychological Safety
  • What are coaching skills?
  • Effective teaching and mobbing
  • Promote self-organization
  • Understand scaling and dependencies

  • This is an online class using Zoom.

    Teams are formed in breakout rooms, and students are invited to participate in the lecture, which includes a workshop format.

    Participants will learn through experience by practicing Scrum in teams while utilizing a virtual board created by Miro.

  • This seminar includes all the curriculum required for certification.

    Upon completion of the training, all participants will be entitled to the Advanced Certified Scrum Master (A-CSMR?) certification.

    The course fee includes the Scrum Alliance certification fee.

\ A-CSM Agile Journey /

Frequently asked questions about the A-CSMR?

About the A-CSMR?

What is A-CSMR??

The CSMR? provides an overview of the Scrum Master.
The A-CSMR? is a curriculum to acquire more practical skills as a Scrum Master.

What will I learn in the A-CSMR??

・What are the necessary competencies for a Scrum Master?
・History of Agile development
・Becoming an excellent facilitator
・Developing psychological safety
・What are coaching skills?
・Effective teaching and mobbing
・Promote self-organization
・Understand scaling and dependency

What is the process for obtaining the “A-CSMR?” certification?

The process for obtaining the A-CSMR? certification is as follows

1. Attend an in-person or online class from a certified Scrum Trainer.
2. After completing the class course, agree to the A-CSMR? license agreement provided by Scrum AllianceR and complete the Scrum Alliance Membership Profile.
3.You will be eligible if you hold a valid CSMR and have at least 12 months (within the last 5 years) of work experience.

Who should take the A-CSMR??

・New ScrumMasters who have obtained CSMR and started as a ScrumMaster.
・Anyone who wants to enhance their Scrum Master skills
・Those who want to learn Scrum Master skills systematically
・ScrumMasters who are already active in actual work

A-CSMR Class Training

I have no experience in Agile.

The A-CSMR? class is open to everyone.
However, to earn the A-CSMR? certification, you must meet the following requirements
・Must hold the CSMR from the Scrum AllianceR. No other certification may be substituted (CSPO certification cannot be substituted).
・Must have at least 12 months of Scrum Master work experience (within the last 5 years). ・This can be met before or after attending the class. Work experience is based on information entered in your Scrum Alliance account.

Do you accept invoice payment?

Yes invoice payment is possible. Please select the payment method “Invoice” from the application form.

Can I receive a receipt?

Normally, we will provide a credit card statement in lieu of a receipt, but if you need one, please contact us.

??Can I cancel a class?

Cancellations are possible up to one day prior to the class date. No cancellation fee will be charged. We will refund your money after deducting a handling fee. You can also change the date of the class, so please let us know when you would like to change the date.

Joe Justice

Over the course of our CSMR and CSPOR classes, we have received a great deal of advice from our students.

We have also developed new and original classes based on the feedback from our students.

One such class is JoeDX, a digital transformation class that incorporates the latest Agile methods.

We have also created classes such as EAT (Executive Agile Transformation), a class designed to help upper management and clients understand the knowledge and potential of Agile, and
We have also offered classes to encourage Scrum Masters who have started their “Agile Journey”.

I want the A-CSMR? classes to be the beginning of the journey, not the end of the certification!

And we want you to acquire the skills to make your “Agile Journey” journey more enjoyable!
It was born with this in mind.

We hope that your future “Agile Journey” will be more fulfilling and that it will be a wonderful experience day after day.
  • Systematization of practical skills to increase the ability of Scrum Masters to deal with difficult problems that may arise in the real world.