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Agile was conceived as a better way to develop software. 2001 saw its birth, and since then it has had a profound impact on many companies. Today, Agile is not only used in the software industry, but in many other industries as well.

Agile hardware development improves business growth, product innovation and speed of response to change.

For example, in a traditional automotive company, it takes 2.5 years for a minor change and 5 to 7 years for a major change. In an agile automotive company, headlights, taillights, and charging ports are changed in two days. These changes are made more than 20 times a week, and they are all installed in the vehicle.

How is this possible?

Agile development reduces bottlenecks to a company’s design and manufacturing speed, such as approvals, budgets, and response to change.

Joe Justice is one of the future leaders of Agile beyond the software industry, leading the Agile transformation in many industries.

Wikispeed, the automotive company Joe founded, has achieved agility in the hardware industry, launching a new model every week and making multiple changes per day.

It set many world records, including the fastest car to meet traffic laws, the lightest car with a 5-star safety rating, the most fuel-efficient gasoline-powered car on the market at the time, and the cheapest car made of carbon fiber and aluminum.

Joe shares the following story. ‘Many business people say that software has caused so many innovations that “software eats  the world.” But it is not software that is eating the world. Software companies are only a small fraction of the first companies to become agile and achieve rapid release. It is Agile that is eating the world.”

We have created a new certification to promote Agile in all industries and verticals.
That is ” JoeDx “

The class is designed to be practical, with examples from Tesla, SpaceX,

and Joe’s own automotive company, WikiSpeed.

*Certification you can receive is”JoeDX” Agile Business Institute, Inc. grants. 

Agile Is A Game!
TEDxRainier Joe Justice WikiSpeed

Joe Justice’s TED presentation will help you understand the effectiveness of Agile in hardware at Wikispeed. Coaches who are experts in the Agile industry in hardware are rare in the world, and there are very few coaches teaching in Japan.

Only those who have embodied it on a practical basis, and not on a theoretical basis, can speak of it.

We will share the “real development site” with you.

JoeDX Class will show you not only our own successful development experience, but also the experience of supporting many well-known companies from the outside – both internally and externally.

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Joe Justice
  • Agile instruction at Tesla
  • Consulting to Amazon Leadership in the U.S.
  • BOSCH Agile Transformation Lead
  • TED Speaker
  • Distinguished Lecturer at Harvard University and Oxford University
  • Founding and operation of Wikispeed, a company that manufactures vehicles.

and so forth
I have taught Scrum at numerous leading global companies and educational institutions, and have worked in more than 20 countries.
In Japan, I have extensive Scrum training experience at companies such as Toyota, Rakuten Group, Toshiba Group, NTT Group, and Mercari.
I will be teaching the Scrum practices I have developed in JoeDX classes.

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  • Module 1: Launch. How to onboard people and teams, and re-launch existing people.
  • Module 2: Fast Company: How to restructure business units and divisions for maximum pace of innovation.
  • Module 3: Innovate: Changing budget processes for responsiveness.
  • Module 4: Budget: Updating supporting budget policies and contracts to match your new agile company structure.
  • Module 5: Module: Splitting the products and services into parallel execution for maximum speed.
  • Module 6: Lean Coffee: Self organization of the work and timelines for lean innovation.
  • Module 7: Fast Team: agile team structures to increase financial efficiency.
  • Module 8: Digital Self Management: Improving human performance with excellent software.
  • Module 9: Justice Board: Self forming teams with financial responsibility.
  • Module 10: xM: creating a factory that wants design updates daily.

  • This is an online class utilizing Zoom.

    Teams will be formed in breakout rooms, and students will be invited to participate in the lecture, which will include a workshop format.

    Participants will learn through experience by practicing Scrum with their teams while utilizing a virtual board created by Miro.

  • This seminar includes all of the curriculum required for certification; after two days of training, all participants will receive certification in Agile Hardware Development provided by Agile Business Institute, Inc.

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