What is the definition of Done in Scrum?

Definition of DONE (DoD)” is one of the essential items in Scrum. It is a definition that clarifies what is considered complete in Scrum development .

While developing product increments with team unity, if team members do not have a common understanding of “definition of what constitutes completion” in the definition of completion, there will be variations in work performance.

Also, since the judgment of what to put in the “definition of completion (definition of Done)” and what to undone (items that are not completed) is directly linked to the quality of the final increment, consider the definition of completion (definition of Done) is also the opportunity to show off the skills of the Scrum Master.

This time, I would like to dig deeper into the definition of Done (definition of Done), which is a must-have item in Scrum, as well as confirm the definition, merits, and points to note .
By the way, the definition of Done is called “Definition of Done”, variously called “Definition of Done”, “Definition of Done”, “DoD”, but they are synonymous.

What is the definition of Done in Scrum?

What is the definition of Done in Scrum?

What is the definition of completion (definition of Done)?

The definition of Done is simply a “ Done Checklist ”. It is a list that defines what must be done and how far it is “completed”.
You can think of it as confirmation necessary to satisfy quality. However, these are subject to change and should be continually reviewed and improved.

The definition of done is misleading, but the only condition for completion is either “completed (passed)” or “not completed (failed)”. It is important that the completion conditions are clear and easy to understand so that Scrum team members can have a common understanding.

What is Undone Work?

Items that did not meet the definition of Done during the Sprint. In other words, an item that is ” not completed (failed)” is called Undone work.

Points to understand the definition of Done (Definition of Done) in Scrum

definition of Done (Definition of Done) in Scrum

Defining done can vary greatly depending on the product, service, or team you work with, but it’s not difficult.

Understanding the Difference Between “Definition of Done” and “Acceptance Criteria”

There may be both “definition of done” and “acceptance criteria” in the scrum development process. The definition of done is common to all work, but the acceptance criteria are specific to one PBI (user story) .
Done is defined as meeting functional requirements, non-functional requirements, and quality. On the other hand, acceptance criteria define the conditions to be provided by functions defined in user stories as functional requirements.

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Examples of acceptance criteria
might include:

  • Can’t submit form without filling in all required fields
  • Payment can be made by credit card or invoice
  • Information from is stored in the registration database
  • Confirmation emails are sent to users and admins after submitting the form

Create a definition of done (Definition of Done)

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Consider the following questions 
before creating a definition of done .

  • What does it mean when a product is ready for use?
  • What kind of environment does it have to work well?
  • What tests do you have to pass?

Create clear conditions for a common understanding of these in the team.

Definition of Done examples

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Software development
can include:

  • code review
  • Functional test passed
  • Unit test passed
  • Passed the integration test
  • Regression tests are written and passed
  • Deployed in a test environment
  • PO confirms user story completion

Consider the benefits of having a clear Definition of Done in Scrum .

By creating a definition of completion (Definition of Done), quality is guaranteed. We often hear that quality is not guaranteed in agile, but we cannot release unless we meet this definition of completion.

Since the necessary checklist for PBI tasks is specified, it is possible to think carefully about whether there is any undone work, and as a result, it leads to reducing the risk of undone.

Also, by clearly defining the definition of completion (Definition of Done), Done and Undone can be clearly measured within each sprint, which improves transparency and ultimately leads to the creation of high-quality increments. . Scrum members will also be able to grasp the progress while understanding the Definition of done (Definition of Done), which will be an element that will lead to the improvement of the product.

There is a risk of delay if the definition of completion (Definition of Done) in Scrum is weak

The quality of the definition of Done in Scrum has a big impact on the quality of the released Increment. I will also summarize the points to note about the definition of completion (Definition of Done).

Weak definition of done (Definition of Done) risks delays

Releasable Increment = Definition of Done (Definition of Done) + Undone

In other words

Releasable Increment – Undone = Definition of Done (Definition of Done)

If you think about it simply, as the number of Undone increases, the definition of completion (definition of Done) becomes thin and poor.

However, if the definition of done (Definition of Done) is weak and of low quality, there will be many Undone, which is the difference between potentially shippable and lead to release delays and lack of flexibility. put away. If such undone occurs in each sprint, it will lead to failure of the sprint.

In order to deliver high-quality products to customers, it is necessary to establish a high-quality definition of completion (Definition of Done) . Generally, the definition of Done (Definition of Done) is often determined by the maturity of the Scrum team.

Also, whether you can incorporate Undone into the sprint and create a strong definition of Done (Definition of Done) is also where the Scrum Master can show his skills.

Collect Undone systematically to avoid sprint failures

Undone can be thought of as a liability, but if the undone is collected right before the release, it will lead to the failure of the sprint.

It can be said that it is necessary to periodically collect undone that has a high risk of affecting the release of the product .

It is often overlooked, but surprisingly important! Definition of Ready

Definition of Ready (DoR )” is literally a checklist to make sure you are ready.
It’s something you should check before your team starts working on it.
For example, before a user’s story is brought into a sprint and worked on, or before a team starts a sprint.

Ready definition example

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What does it take to be ready?

For example:

  • User stories are clear
  • Acceptance criteria confirmed
  • Sized to be completed in a sprint
  • All the information you need for development
  • User stories are testable

Why do we need a Definition of Ready?

We often hear that sprint planning drags on or doesn’t work. Isn’t it one of the causes that there is no definition of ready?
Before sprint planning, if each user’s story meets the definition of ready, the meeting will run smoothly.

FAQ on Definition of Done and Definition of Ready | Tell me Joe

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Does the Definition of Ready mean that the quote must be complete?

Teams cannot estimate work size without first knowing the definition of done and acceptance criteria. The PO should clarify the requirements and set the definition of done with the team.
However, some teams may not need an estimate, so completing an estimate is not always required. Please decide whether it is necessary or not according to the situation of the team.

When do you create a definition of ready and done (definition of done)?

Implemented in refinement. Refinement complete is when the PBI (user story) meets the definition of ready.

How many items should I create for the definition of ready and done (Definition of Done)?

Beginner teams may need a detailed checklist. But these checklists are as simple as they are simple.

The ideal definition of done is that it’s all automated.

Summary of Definitions of Done and Definitions of Ready

The Definition of Ready and the Definition of Done are key points in the pre-start and post-start sprints .
These must be agreed upon and created as a team. It is also important to review and improve as necessary, rather than creating it once and ending it.